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Explore our PET bottles, ideal for packing juices, beverages, and more. Sizes range from 200ml to 1000ml, ensuring versatility for your packaging needs.

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Are Our PET Bottles Ideal for Versatile Juice and Beverage Packaging, Offering Various Sizes and Weights?"

  • Introducing our PET bottles, perfect for packaging juices, beverages, and other liquids.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 200ml to 1000ml, catering to various packaging requirements.
  • Ensures versatility and convenience for your packaging needs.
  • Designed specifically for juice packaging, starting from 200ml to 700ml options.
  • Crafted with different weights to accommodate varying product volumes: 16gm, 24gm, and 29gm.
  • The weight of the PET bottle increases in correspondence with the increase in milliliters, ensuring sturdy and reliable packaging for your products.
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