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The round Biriyani bucket container has three different shapes, available in 2500ml, 3200ml, and 4500ml. Buy in bulk to avail of bulk discounts.

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Why do we need to use Round Biriyani bucket for packing the Biriyani in the restaurants?

Convenience: Disposable plastic containers are convenient for both restaurants and customers. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and require minimal cleanup. Customers can take their leftover biryani home without worrying about returning a container.
Hygiene: Plastic containers provide a hygienic way to store and transport food. They can be sealed tightly to prevent contamination and maintain the freshness of the biryani.
Portion Control: Biryani buckets come in various sizes, allowing restaurants to portion out servings according to customer preferences. This helps minimize food waste and ensures customers receive the right amount of food.
Customisation: Biryani buckets often come with options for customization, such as printing the restaurant’s logo or branding on the container. This can help promote the restaurant’s brand and create a memorable experience for customers.
Versatility: Biryani buckets can be used for a variety of purposes beyond just serving biryani in restaurants. Customers can reuse the containers at home to store leftovers or other items, extending their usefulness and reducing waste.
Cost-effectiveness: Ordering biryani buckets in bulk quantities can be cost-effective for restaurants, especially when considering the printing options. By meeting minimum order quantities, restaurants can benefit from economies of scale and lower per-unit costs.

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