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2cp 1000ml Disposable plastic tray

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Product Detail

  • Top Diameter:220mm
  • Height:48mm
  • Width: 150mm
  • No of pcs per box 300
  • Manufactured in India


Product Description

  • The 2cp plastic tray is crafted from PP5 raw material, making it recyclable and reusable.
  • Available in two colors: black and transparent.
  • Take advantage of bulk discounts by purchasing large quantities of the container.


Product Key Features and Usage

Split Portion Design: The main feature of the 2cp plastic tray is its split portion design, which is particularly useful for serving different food items separately within the same container. This design prevents mixing and ensures that flavors remain distinct, enhancing the dining experience.

Versatility in Serving: This tray is ideal for a variety of dining scenarios, especially beneficial for restaurants and food vendors serving dishes that include a main item along with a side, such as rice with sambar or idly with sambar. It can also cater to serving chat items, where separation of components is often preferred.

Disposable with Lid: The inclusion of a lid with the disposable thali 2cp container not only maintains the food’s hygiene by protecting it from external contaminants but also facilitates easy and secure transport of meals, making it convenient for takeaway and delivery services.

Convenience for Restaurants: Offering a practical and convenient solution for food service establishments, the 2cp plastic tray reduces the need for multiple containers for serving different items, simplifying meal presentation and service.

Suitable for Multiple Meal Components: Its design makes it highly suitable for serving meals with multiple components, ensuring that each part of the meal is enjoyed as intended without the flavors mixing, thus catering to the specific needs of restaurants specializing in diverse cuisines.


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