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  • Shawarma Paper Size: 10*10
  • Shawarma Paper Colour Printing Options: Single or double
  • Brand: Millennium
  • Model Number & Name: Unwraps Food Wrapping Paper (10″ X 10 Mtrs.)
  • Type: Shrinkwrap
  • Shade: White
  • Material: Paper, Food-Grade Grease-Proof
  • Suitable For: Burgers, Shawarma, and more! Keeps food safe & fresh, ideal for wrapping & packing, and suitable for wrapping roti, sandwiches, and more.
  • Net Quantity: 1kg
  • Convenience Features: Microwave Safe, Moisture Proof, Freezer Safe
  • Additional Features: Perfect for burgers & more! Government-approved paper, single or double colour printing available. Cost decreases with increased quantity.
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