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1200ml Round plastic container

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Product Short Descrption

Introducing our 1200ml round plastic container, ideal for hot and cold food packaging. Microwave-safe and customizable, perfect for biriyani and large servings. Available in transparent, black, and white.

Product Details

  • Top Diameter:148mm
  • Bottom Diameter:116mm
  • Height:100mm
  • Fill Volume:1200ml
  • Lid Weight:10.4g
  • Bottom Weight:26.7g
  • Total Weight:37.1g
  • No. of pcs per box:600


Product Category 

  • Plastic containers are crafted from PP5 raw material, ideal for packaging hot and cold food.
  • These containers are microwave-safe for easy reheating and can be used for food storage.
  • The 1200ml round plastic container is commonly used for packing biriyani.
  • This disposable plastic container is primarily intended for food packaging purposes.
  • Three colors available are Transparent, black, and white.
  • Customize color option minimum order requirement of 12000pcs.


Product Key Features and Usage

Generous Capacity: The 1200ml round plastic container is specifically designed for customers and businesses looking to provide generous servings, particularly suitable for dishes like biriyani, catering to those who prioritize offering extra quantity.

Bulk Packaging: Each box of the 1200ml round container includes 600 pieces, ensuring that businesses have a substantial supply to meet their packaging needs without frequent reordering.

Customizable Printing: With options for screen printing and In-Mold Labeling (IML), these containers allow for personalized branding and labeling, offering businesses a way to enhance their brand visibility and packaging appeal.

Customer Preference for Larger Servings: Despite its slower movement, the 1200ml container is chosen by customers and businesses alike to meet the demand for larger food servings, highlighting a niche market preference for quantity.

Business Flexibility: The container caters to the needs of businesses by offering a solution that balances the desire for larger servings with the need for effective and attractive packaging, making it a versatile option for various food service establishments.

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