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80ml Plastic Food Container

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Product Short Description

Crafted in India, our 80ml plastic food container offers versatility with its separate lid and bottom design. Made of premium PP5 material, it ensures durability and reliability. Choose from classic white or transparent options. Trusted by many for its enduring popularity and consistent performance.

Product Detail

  • Top Diameter: 75m

  • Height: 30 mm

  • No of pcs per box 2800

  • Manufactured in India


Product Description

  • Plastic containers are made of raw PP5 material, entirely virgin plastics.

  • The lid and bottom of this 80ml plastic container come separately.

  • Minimum quantity 4000 pcs.

  • The available color for this container is white and transparent.

Product Key Features and Usage

Distinct Lid and Bottom Design: The 80ml plastic food container stands out with its unique separate lid and bottom, offering users a distinctive packaging solution.

Enduring Popularity: Despite newer alternatives, the 80ml container maintains its market dominance thanks to its timeless design and user-friendly features, surpassing more unique options in reliability and convenience.

Classic Color Options: Available in three traditional colours – white, transparent, and black – the 80ml container caters to various aesthetic preferences while ensuring quality using virgin plastic material.

Durability and Reliability: Crafted from high-quality virgin plastic, the 80ml container guarantees durability and reliability, ensuring the safe storage of contents while providing a seamless user experience.

Trusted Choice: Many users prefer the 80ml container for its longstanding presence in the market and consistent performance, making it a trusted option for packaging various items.

Additional information

Weight 18.47 g
Dimensions 59.5 × 52.7 × 62 cm


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