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Customised Sandwich Box

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Product Details

  • The Board’s GSM can be customised based on customer requirements, ideally between 300 and 350 GSM for sandwich boxes.
  • Minimum order for printing: 3000 pieces.
  • It is manufactured by Millennium Company, with a plant in Sivakasi.
  • Additional charges for local transport and packaging.
  • Prices are reduced based on the order value.
  • They are made from recycled paperboard, supporting eco-friendly practices.
  • It is ideal for Chat shops, delis, cafés, catering services, and other food businesses.

Product Description

Our high-quality custom-printed Sandwich Box, made from recycled paperboard, is perfect for securely and attractively packaging sandwiches. Designed for durability and reliability, these boxes meet various food service needs and come in three material variations to suit different preferences:

  1. Grey Backboard with Lamination: Features a grey inner backboard with a lamination strip to prevent oil spillage and keep sandwiches fresh and intact.
  2. White Backboard without Lamination: The inner backboard is white-coated, eliminating the need for lamination while maintaining a clean, fresh appearance.
  3. ITC Board Without Lamination: This premium option is slightly ivory and directly manufactured by ITC in India, offering superior quality and an elegant look.

Manufactured by Millennium Company at our plant in Sivakasi, these boxes are made from eco-friendly, recycled paperboard, aligning with sustainable practices. Additional local transport and packaging charges apply, but prices are reduced based on the order value, making these custom-printed sandwich boxes a cost-effective choice for delis, cafés, catering services, and other food businesses.

Whether you need a robust packaging solution for everyday use or a premium, custom-printed option to elevate your brand, our sandwich boxes provide the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.


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