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Disposable compartment 3cp meal tray

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Product Detail

  • Top Diameter: 223mm
  • Height: 48mm
  • Total Weight: 58.6
  • No of pcs per box: 200
  • Manufactured in India


Product Description

• The PP5 raw material used to make the disposable thali container is recyclable and reusable.
• There are two colors available: transparent and black.
• To receive the bulk discount on the container, buy in bulk.


Product Key Features and Usage

Three Compartments Design: The 3cp disposable compartment meal tray is designed with three compartments, enabling efficient separation of different meal components. This feature makes it especially suitable for serving varied breakfast and lunch menus, allowing for a clean and organized presentation of dishes.

Enhanced Meal Presentation: The partitioned design of the 3cp meal tray helps in maintaining the distinct flavors of dishes by preventing them from mixing, thus ensuring a more appealing and enjoyable dining experience. Items like idly with sambar and chutney or chapatti with kurma can be served neatly, preserving their individual tastes.

Colour Options for Aesthetic Appeal: Offering black and transparent color options allows customers to select according to their preference, which can enhance the visual appeal of the food served. The choice between colors enables a tailored approach to meal presentation, matching the aesthetic of various cuisines or dining settings.

Versatile Use: The tray’s design caters to a wide range of meal types, from traditional breakfast items to comprehensive lunch combinations, making it versatile for use in different food service settings such as restaurants, cafeterias, and catering events.

Convenience and Hygiene: The disposable nature of the 3cp meal tray ensures a high level of hygiene and convenience. It simplifies the cleanup process after meals, making it an ideal choice for settings where quick service and easy disposal are prioritized.


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