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Compartment 4cp meal tray 1040ml

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Product Detail

  • Top Diameter: 232mm
  • Height: 40mm
  • Width: 213mm
  • Total Weight: 61gm
  • No of pcs per box: 200
  • Manufactured in India

Product Description

• The disposable thali container comprises PP5, a recyclable and reusable raw material.
• Available in two colors: transparent and black.
• Purchase a container in bulk to receive the bulk discount.

Product Key Features and Usage

Four Compartments Design: The 4cp Meal Tray is distinct with its four compartments, enabling the separation and organized serving of different meal components, ideal for a diverse range of meals including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Enhanced Meal Presentation: Its partitioned structure not only segregates various dishes such as biryani, raita, sweets, and sides into distinct sections but also significantly elevates the dining experience through improved meal presentation.

Versatile Serving Options: This tray is designed to offer flexibility in meal serving, capable of accommodating a variety of dishes, from main courses with sides to a full breakfast or snack spread, catering to the varied needs of restaurant owners.

Clear Packaging Advantage: The use of transparent packaging for the 4cp Meal Tray enhances the visual appeal of the food, allowing customers to view the contents before opening, thus adding to the meal’s attractiveness and ensuring transparency in serving.

Practical Solution for Restaurants: The 4cp Meal Tray meets the operational needs of restaurant owners by simplifying the serving process, reducing the need for multiple containers, and accommodating diverse menu options in a single, convenient package.


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