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Discover our disposable thali containers made from raw PP5 material. Microwave-safe and recyclable. Get the best price for quality products

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How can our versatile Thali containers streamline your restaurant's packaging needs for combo meals, ensuring convenience, quality, and sustainability?"

  • Introducing our disposable thali containers, meticulously crafted from raw PP5 material.
  • Microwave-safe and recyclable, these containers offer convenience and sustainability in one package.
  • Choose from a range of colour options, including Black, White, and Transparent, to suit your branding or presentation needs.
  • Versatile in function, these thali containers are ideal for packaging combo meals and streamlining breakfast and lunch menus with ease.
  • Cater to your customers’ convenience with a solution that allows for packing all their food items in one container, making takeaway and delivery orders hassle-free.
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