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RE24 750ml Plastic container with lid

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Product Description

  • Top diameter :182mm
  • Bottom diameter:124mm
  • Height: 47mm
  • No of pcs per box: 600
  • Manufactured in India


Product Detail

  • Designed primarily for food packing purposes, these disposable plastic containers offer practical solutions for everyday storage needs.
  • Elevate your packaging game with our premium customized plastic containers, adding a touch of sophistication to your products.
  • Take advantage of bulk order discounts for our RE and RO category series, saving you money on larger quantities.
  • A custom screen printing option is available only for a bulk order quantity of above 10000pcs.
  • RE24 500ml plastic container with fast moving among the RE series.


Product Key Features and Usage

Food Safety Certification: The RE24 750ml plastic container is BPA-free and holds a food-grade certificate, making it safe for storing various food items.

Optimal Size: With a 750ml capacity, it is well-suited for a range of food products, including salads, biriyani, and other portion-controlled meals.

Precision Manufacturing: Utilizes custom tool molding for its production, ensuring high precision, quality, and consistency in every container.

Sustainability Features: The container is designed with sustainability in mind, being recyclable and reusable, which supports eco-friendly practices without compromising on food safety.

Versatile Use: Ideal for both restaurant owners and consumers looking for safe, sustainable, and sizable options for food storage, meal prep, and takeaway services.


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