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RO10 300ML Plastic container with lid

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Product Detail

  • Top diameter:124mm
  • Height:43mm
  • Manufactured in India
  • Food-grade container


Product Description

  • Our plastic containers are crafted from virgin plastic polymer PP5 material, guaranteeing a 100% food-grade product.
  • Each plastic container comes with lid and is microwave-safe, recyclable, and reusable, offering convenience and sustainability.
  • Enjoy bulk discounts when you purchase larger quantities.
  • Each box contains 1000 pieces of our plastic containers, ensuring you have an ample supply for your needs.


Product Key Features and Usage

Custom Mold Design: The Ro10 300ml plastic container is crafted using a unique custom mold, offering a superior and differentiated user experience compared to standard market offerings.

Unique Lid Features: Its lid is designed with distinctive shaping, enhancing the container’s uniqueness and aesthetic appeal, contributing to a more memorable product presentation.

Innovative Shape and Design: With its novel round shape and extended lid, the Ro10 300ml container diverges from traditional container designs, making it more attractive and noticeable to consumers.

Market Differentiation: The primary motivation for choosing the Ro10 300ml container is its ability to help businesses stand out from competitors, thanks to its innovative design and distinctive appearance.

Versatile Usage: Perfect for storing gravies, side dishes, and various culinary creations, the 300ml container with lid ensures freshness and is convenient for a wide range of food storage needs.


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